The Whispers of the Night

The Whispers of the Night

The Whispers of the Night

In fields of gold, the sun sinks low,
And shadows lengthen as the day grows old.
The world is hushed, the winds are slow,
And all around is peaceful, calm, and cold.

The stars above begin to gleam,
Their gentle light a balm to troubled souls.
In dreams we wander, lost in thought and scheme,
As nature’s symphony around us rolls.

We hear the whispers of the night,
As crickets chirp and owls take flight,
And in this stillness, all seems right.

For in the darkness, we can find
A respite from the cares of day,
And in the quiet of our mind,
We’re free to dream and dance and play.

So let the night be your companion,
And let your thoughts be wild and free.
Embrace the wonder of creation,
And find the peace that’s meant to be.
© VishalDutia

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© VishalDutia

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