Pride Builds Fortresses

Pride can build a fortress, strong and tall,Protecting ego, yet isolating all.But true strength lies in vulnerability,And the courage to admit fallibility.So let go of pride and embrace humility,And build bridges instead of walls, for unity.

The Art of Concentration

To focus on one thing at a time,requires a stillness of the mind.A discipline of thought sublime,that lets distractions be left behind. Like an artist with a brush in hand,with each stroke, attention is demanded.One mistake can ruin the plan,so focus is key, to keep...

The Art of Storytelling

Through tales and legends of old and new,We learn of heroes and villains too,We see the world through the author’s eyes,And feel the lows and highs of their lies. With words, we travel to far-off lands,And hear the echoes of long-gone bands,The storyteller’s art is...

The Zone of Focus

Immersed in the task at hand,A state of mind that’s hard to withstand,Driven by purpose, fueled by passion,Undistracted, with razor-sharp attention. In the zone of focus, nothing can sway,A powerful force, leading the way.

Intimate Exposure

The art of seduction, a delicate dance,Two bodies entwined in intimate trance,Skin on skin, a languid caress,As clothing falls away, revealing the flesh. Desire stirs, a slow burn within,As lips meet lips in feverish sin,Fingers explore, tracing every curve,A symphony of pleasure, a passionate serve....

Exploring the Universe

Exploring the Universe

With eyes turned skyward, we seek to find,The wonders of the universe, so vast and intertwined.From the stars in the night, to the sun’s bright light,We explore the universe, with all our might. With every discovery, a new world unfolds,And every planet, a story untold.From...

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the wind I hear,Echoes of a love so dear,Carried on the gentle breeze,Memories that never cease. I close my eyes and breathe it in,A love that’s lost, yet still within,And though the years have come and gone,I still hear the whispers of that...

Start Where You Stand

To reach the summit, we must beginStart where you stand, and let your journey winDon’t wait for perfect moments to beginTake the first step, let the adventure spin With each stride, let progress unfoldAnd turn your dreams into stories that are told.

Serenity in Chaos

Amidst chaos and confusion, there liesA serene stillness, a peaceful guiseA calmness that prevails, in the midst of a stormA tranquil moment, amidst chaos so warmA fleeting moment, but a moment so dearA serenity in chaos, a calmness so clearAn oasis of calm, in a...

Sunday Strolls

A leisurely pace down winding lanesWith every step, a peace sustainsBirds chirping, leaves rustling, nature’s songThe beauty of life, serene and strong Strolling on this peaceful dayWith nowhere to go, and nothing to say.© VishalDutia

Those Who Rule

Those Who Rule

With power and might,They sit upon their throne.Those who rule the land,Their word is etched in stone. Their commands are law,Their will is absolute.Those who rule the masses,Their power cannot be refuted. They hold the keys to the kingdom,Their influence vast and wide.Those who rule...

Love Trap

Beware the love trap, sweet and sly,Its alluring grip will make you fly,But beneath the surface lies a snare,A heartache that you cannot bear. Love is a game that two can play,But if you’re not careful, you’ll lose your way,So heed my words and take...

My Attitude: A Reflection of Myself

My attitude is a mirror,Reflecting who I truly am,Positive or negative,It’s my choice, not a jam. A smile or a frown,My demeanor sets the tone,My attitude, my reflection,Defines how I am known.

Insanity, Sanity, Madness, Clarity, Truth

Insanely Sane

Lost in the chaos of my mind,I search for clarity I cannot find,Questions swirl and doubts abound,My sanity is nowhere to be found. But in the midst of all this strife,I find a thread that gives me life,A glimmer of hope, a ray of light,That...

Breathe Life, As it is Freeing

Breathe in the air, and feel it flowA rush of life, that makes us growIt’s something that we often knowBut forget as we go, and lose our glow So take a breath, and feel it deepLet it fill you up, and make you leapInto a...

Echoes of Dreamtime

Echoes of Dreamtime

In the quiet of night, in slumber’s embrace,Whispers of dreamtime echo through the mind,A world of wonder and mystical grace. Memories of visions, impossible space,Where time stands still, and thoughts are unconfined,In the quiet of night, in slumber’s embrace. A place where imagination takes its...

My Soul Touches Yours

My Soul Touches Yours

My soul touches yours, in the heat of the night,As we explore each other, with all our might.Our bodies entwined, in a dance so divine,As we lose ourselves, in the moment’s shrine. The passion we share, is pure and true,As I give myself to you,...

The Monthly Miracle

The crimson tide comes again,The monthly miracle that is pain.A cycle of life, of womanhood,A natural process misunderstood. The cramps, the bloating, the mood swings,The cravings for chocolatey things.But also the strength, the resilience,The power of our bodies’ brilliance. A reminder of fertility,Of the potential...


A Cosmic Exploration of the Universe

In the vastness of space, we embark,On a journey to explore the dark.To find the secrets that lie beyond,And unravel the mysteries that we’re fond. A cosmic exploration of the universe,A quest to quench our thirst for knowledge, our thirst.To seek the answers to the...

Starts Up Once Again

Starts Up Once Again

After every fall, we must rise,Dust off our knees and reach for the skies.Even when we’re battered and beaten,We must find the strength to keep on leaping. For life is a journey with twists and turns,A winding path that often burns.But in the midst of...

In Between the Noise of Life

In Between the Noise of Life

In between the noise of life,There lies a space, a moment of respite.A chance to breathe, to pause and rest,To find the calm amidst the stress. Amidst the chaos and the din,We search for peace, a place within.A space where we can just be,And let...

The Abandoned Asylum

Empty halls and broken wallsA place where darkness crawlsWhispers echo in the airOf tortured souls trapped thereA haunting presence, so vileThe abandoned asylum’s lasting trial.

Tears on a Lonely Pillow

Tears on a Lonely Pillow

Tears on a lonely pillow,A heartbroken soul in despair,Memories of love that once filled the room,Now replaced by an empty chair. The night feels so cold and lonely,As tears fall from weary eyes,A heart that once was whole and happy,Now broken and shattered, filled with...

The Pause

The Pause

The pause, a moment of stillness,A break from the rush and grind.A chance to breathe, a chance to witness,The beauty that’s often left behind. In the pause, we can find clarity,And see the world with fresh eyes.A moment of peace, a moment of rarity,When the...

I'm Here. I'm Right Here.

I’m Here. I’m Right Here.

I’m here. I’m right here, don’t you see?Standing close, within your reach,Yet you seem so far from me. My heart aches with such intensity,Longing for your love to breach,I’m here. I’m right here, don’t you see? I whisper softly, hoping to set freeThe love we...

Unable to Reach You

Unable to Reach You

Unable to reach you, no matter how I try,The distance between us, it makes me cry,Our connection severed, like a frayed wire,Leaves me feeling lost, with a deep desire. To bridge the gap, to find a way,To be with you, come what may,But the more...

The Unseen Menace

In the shadows they hide,A horror that chills from inside,With each step, they draw near,And whispers fill the air with fear,The unseen menace, lurking and sly,Waiting for its chance to terrify.

Nature landscape

The Voice of the Forest

Amidst the trees and leaves so greenThe forest whispers secrets unseenIts voice so calm, yet strong and clearA song that fills the heart with cheer The rustling of branches, the flutter of wingsNature’s chorus, the forest singsA symphony so sweet, a lullaby so mildThe voice...