Haiku #05

To build a new lifeWe must surviveThe storm coming

Battels #Haiku

Love is confusing Hate is certain; until loved see the Dilemma????

A Summer Rainstorm #Haiku

A summer rainstorm coolsThe scent of fresh rain on the breezeNature’s harmony© VishalDutia

The Sunset Sky #Haiku

Orange, pink, and gold blend,A canvas painted by sun.Beauty to behold. © VishalDutia

Summer’s Radiant Life

Summer sun shines brightWarming the earth with its raysLife blooms everywhere. © VishalDutia

Autumn Leaves #Haiku

Golden leaves fall slowCrisp breeze whispers goodbyesPeaceful autumn goes © VishalDutia

Dawn at the Beach #Haiku

Ocean meets the skyDawn breaks with colors untoldPeaceful beauty shines. © VishalDutia

Falling Leaves #Haiku

Golden leaves fall,Dancing in the autumn breeze,Nature’s symphony. © VishalDutia

A Summer’s Day #Haiku

Warm sun shines above,A gentle breeze blows through trees,Summer’s peace prevails. © VishalDutia

The Ocean’s Roar #Haiku

Endless waves crash on shore,Power and peace all at once.Nature’s symphony. © VishalDutia

Forest Brook #Haiku

A babbling brookWinds its way through the forest,Nature’s symphony. © VishalDutia

Uncovering the Beauty and Diversity of India

India is a country of incredible diversity and beauty. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the palm-lined beaches of Kerala, India has a vast array of landscapes and natural wonders that are sure to captivate any traveler. One of the best ways to experience India’s natural beauty is to explore its national parks…

Two Hearts Intertwine

Two hearts intertwine,A dance of love and friendship,Together as one.© VishalDutia

Autumn Symphony #Haiku

Golden leaves fall,Rustling in the autumn breeze.Peaceful and serene. © VishalDutia

Sunset Glow

Orange and pink sky, Peaceful and serene moment, Nature’s pure beauty. © VishalDutia

City Lights

Bright neon colors, Bustling streets, a city’s beat, Alive all through night. © VishalDutia

Ocean Breeze

Cool sea air whispers, Salty waves crashing below, Serenity found. © VishalDutia

Lost Love

Brokenhearted soul, Tears falling like summer rain, Love’s bitter ending. © VishalDutia

Morning Coffee

Sipping hot java, Staring into the abyss, Contemplating life. © VishalDutia

The Midnight Moon

Pale light glimmering down, A silver crescent in the sky, Mystical and serene. © VishalDutia

Spring Blossoms #Haiku

Cherry blossoms dance In the gentle spring breeze’s grasp Elegant beauty. © VishalDutia

Moonlit Night #Haiku

The moon rises high Casting a silver glow down Peaceful night descends. © VishalDutia

The Colorful Trees #Haiku

Reds, oranges, and gold, Brightening the autumn days so, The trees have come alive. © VishalDutia

The Night Sky #Haiku

Stars twinkle bright, Moon shines with a silver light, Night sky’s magic show. © VishalDutia

A Walk in the Woods #Haiku

Sunbeams filter through trees, Dappled light dances below. Peaceful, calming scene. © VishalDutia

A Silent Night #Haiku

Stars twinkle above Quietness fills the air tonight Peaceful and serene © VishalDutia

Starry Night #Haiku

Night brings us dreams, The stars sparkle and shimmers, A sweet lullaby.

Life #Haiku

Happy and sadgot marriedand their child was life. © VishalDutia 2023


Sometimes love isUntangling heartswith Twisted emotions © VishalDutia

Sweet release

The taste of death issweet, but you have to have yourtongue be burned by it. ©VishalDutia

Your name is written up above

You have penned your namewith the stars; i can’t look atthe skies anymore. ©VishalDutia

Willful Ignorance

I see the future I see my whole world in flames and I look away ©VishalDutia

Golden lies

Reveries in her amber eyes, Belied the sheer passion burning within her veiled sombre skies. ©VishalDutia

Heartbeats 💓

The Soul of Mine Screams Your name, On the deserted Walls of the Heart.

Haiku #14

The light shining brightWhile I hide in the shadowsBreaking my own heart. – VishalDutia

Haiku #13

Innocent souls lustFor the entanglement of twoBodies linked as one – VishalDutia


Just because I stilldream about you, that does notmean I want you here – VishalDutia

Haiku #11

Hear, See, Smell, Taste, Feel We Have All The Sense We Need But Still We’re Not Healed

Haiku #10

Youth spins out of dream . . .Children are made as they play,. . . In green leaves of grass.

Haiku #08

When you are bitterYou just write in your jotterYou will feel better Just try it one dayJust write what you want to sayPain will fly away

Haiku #07

Your soothingReading voiceIs my sleep potionOf choice

Haiku #06

Death is like you,silent, cold, anddoesn’t love me back If you are deaththen I long to be dead

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