Vishal Dutia
In Mumbai town, a writer dwells, The poems I tell, With pen in hand, I bring to life, Characters that inspire and strife. Through my words, I take us on a ride, To places we've never been inside, May my writing continue to flow, And my stories never cease to glow.
Freedom and Captivity

Freedom and Captivity

Freedom is a bird that soars on high,Its wings unfurled against the sky,A heart that beats with fierce desire,To soar above and never tire. Captivity is a cage that binds,A prison where the heart unwinds,A soul that longs to spread its wings,And fly away on...

The mind is a palace

The mind is a palace

The mind is a palace, vast and grand,A place of thoughts, both bright and bland.A realm of memories, old and new,A palace of dreams, both false and true. It gives us joy, it brings us pain,A palace of sunshine, and of rain.A place of wonders,...

The Endless Path

The Endless Path

The path ahead stretches far and wide,A journey that we cannot hide,With every step, a new way found,Adventures waiting to astound. The road is long, the end unknown,But we must push and carry on,For on this journey that we tread,Our destiny awaits ahead.

The Most Painful Betrayals

The Most Painful Betrayals

The most painful betrayals,Are the ones we never see coming,They hit us like a bolt of lightning,And leave our hearts forever numbing. The trust we had so freely given,Is shattered into a million pieces,Our faith in others is shaken,And our sense of security decreases. We...

Life Begins at Conception

Life Begins at Conception

Life begins at conception,A spark of light and hope.A tiny miracle in creation,With the world to help it cope. A soul to nurture, heart to bear,A journey yet to come.A precious life, beyond compare,A gift to cherish, one by one. With each passing day, it...

cat and dog

 A cat and a dog

Once there was a cat and dogThey lived together like a logThe cat was sly and oh so sleekWhile the dog was loyal, never weak They played together in the sunAnd cuddled up when day was doneThe cat would purr and lick its pawWhile the...

Radiant Dreams

Radiant Dreams

Radiant dreams, in hues of gold and blue,Painted on the canvas of the night, so true,Where reality fades, and the mind takes flight,To a world of wonders, in the starry light. With each dream, a new story is born,Of love, hope, and journeys forlorn,Of adventures...

cryptocurrency symbols and blockchain nodes

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction: Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most talked-about technologies in recent years. These innovative technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we handle financial transactions and store data. However, for many people, the concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain can be confusing and...

The Path to Enlightenment

The Path to Enlightenment

The path to enlightenment, a journey so long,A chance to find, where we belong.A world of truth, a life of light,A space to see, beyond the sight. In the path to enlightenment, we find a guide,A chance to learn, to open up wide.A chance to...

The Rhythm of Nature's Heart

The Rhythm of Nature’s Heart

Nature’s heart beats in a rhythm so true,Her breath whispers secrets in every hue,The wind sings a melody through the trees,As the birds and bees hum along with ease. The rivers flow to the rhythm of her heart,While mountains stand tall, steadfast and apart,And all...

Imrpoving skills of conentration

5 Effective Strategies to Improve Your Concentration Skills

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand. With so many distractions and stimuli vying for our attention, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose our concentration. However, concentration is a critical skill that can...

The Phantom’s Call

Echoes through the halls, a haunting voice calls,Beckoning me towards the unseen, unknown,Shadows dance, and fear grips me in thralls,My feet frozen in place, I’m all alone,The phantom’s call, relentless and enthralled,A ghostly presence, chilling to the bone.

Let Life Fly As it is Fleeting

Life is but a fleeting thingA moment’s breath, a bird on wingIt comes and goes, like seasons’ swingA fleeting joy, a fleeting king So let life fly, with all its mightEmbrace the days, the dark, the lightAnd let your spirit take to flightAnd soar above...

Smoke and Mirrors

A sultry haze surrounds us,As we move with grace and ease,Bodies swaying to the rhythm,Of this erotic tease. The smoke and mirrors play tricks,On the senses of the mind,As we lose ourselves in passion,And leave the world behind. The flicker of candlelight,Dances upon your skin,As...

A Journey Through Verse

A Journey Through Verse

Come take a journey with me,Through the pages of poetry,Where words are woven like a spell,And emotions are expressed so well. Let’s wander through the metaphorical maze,And bask in the beauty of poetic displays,Let’s explore the depths of the human soul,And find solace in words...

Raw and Vulnerable

Oh, how thy nakedness doth stir desire,A vision of beauty, set my soul on fire,In this moment, raw and vulnerable art,Two hearts beating, as one, never to be apart. Passion’s flame, a furnace to behold,Raw and vulnerable, a love story untold.

Whispers from the Dream World

Whispers from the Dream World

In the quiet of night, they softly speakEchoing secrets of the mind’s mystiqueGuiding us through a world unknownTo places we’ve yet to be shown Whispers from the dream world, so sereneWhere nothing is quite as it seemsA land of magic, a place to exploreWhere imagination...

Don't Get Me Wrong

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Don’t get me wrong, I love your smile,And the way you light up, every mile.I love your laughter, and your joy,Your spirit so free, and your heart so coy. Don’t get me wrong, I love your style,And the way you walk, with a mile-long stride.I...

Serene Storms

Serene Storms

Storms are often fierce and wild,But serene storms are just as mild.A peaceful rage, a gentle might,Serene storms, a calming sight. In their majesty, there’s a grace,A tranquil power, a peaceful pace.Serene storms, a paradox to behold,A peaceful tempest, strong and bold.


I Feel You in My Sleep

I feel you in my sleep,Your presence, ever so deep.In dreams, you hold me tight,And I wake, longing for your sight. My heart beats with your name,For your love, it’s all aflame.I yearn for you day and night,Hoping to have you in my sight.


Creating with Language

Creating with Language,With every word, we ignite a flame,A spark of creativity that we claim,As we craft each line with care,Our visions of life, we share. Through language, we find the power,To unleash creativity each hour,And as we write, we set free,The words that were...

Pride Builds Fortresses

Pride can build a fortress, strong and tall,Protecting ego, yet isolating all.But true strength lies in vulnerability,And the courage to admit fallibility.So let go of pride and embrace humility,And build bridges instead of walls, for unity.

The Art of Concentration

To focus on one thing at a time,requires a stillness of the mind.A discipline of thought sublime,that lets distractions be left behind. Like an artist with a brush in hand,with each stroke, attention is demanded.One mistake can ruin the plan,so focus is key, to keep...

The Art of Storytelling

Through tales and legends of old and new,We learn of heroes and villains too,We see the world through the author’s eyes,And feel the lows and highs of their lies. With words, we travel to far-off lands,And hear the echoes of long-gone bands,The storyteller’s art is...

importance of self-expression and how it can be used to make a statement

Importance of self-expression and how it can be used to make a statement

Self-expression is the act of conveying one’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others through various mediums. It is important because it allows individuals to share their unique perspectives and experiences with the world. Self-expression can take many forms, including art, music, writing, fashion, and even...

The Zone of Focus

Immersed in the task at hand,A state of mind that’s hard to withstand,Driven by purpose, fueled by passion,Undistracted, with razor-sharp attention. In the zone of focus, nothing can sway,A powerful force, leading the way.

Intimate Exposure

The art of seduction, a delicate dance,Two bodies entwined in intimate trance,Skin on skin, a languid caress,As clothing falls away, revealing the flesh. Desire stirs, a slow burn within,As lips meet lips in feverish sin,Fingers explore, tracing every curve,A symphony of pleasure, a passionate serve....

Exploring the Universe

Exploring the Universe

With eyes turned skyward, we seek to find,The wonders of the universe, so vast and intertwined.From the stars in the night, to the sun’s bright light,We explore the universe, with all our might. With every discovery, a new world unfolds,And every planet, a story untold.From...