The Burden of Debt

A certain kind of debt, a weight we can’t forget,It lingers in our minds, a constant source of fret.It starts with just a loan, but soon it’s out of hand,And before we even know it, we’re in quicksand. The interest piles up, the payments never end,We struggle to keep up, but it just won’t bend.Our…

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Insomniac Monkey

The monkey 🐒 lies awake 😴 in bed 🛌,His mind 🧠 won’t let him rest his head 💤.He tosses, turns, and frets all night 🌃,His thoughts 💭 a jumbled, endless plight 🌀.He wonders 🤔 if he’s lost his way 🗺️,Or if he’ll ever see the day ☀️,When sleep 💤 comes easy, without a fight 🥊,And…

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Barbed Wire Heart

She’s got a heart encased in thorns,Her love is sharp and cold as ice,With every beat, the pain transforms,Her barbed wire heart pays no price.The arteries are clogged with hate,And veins are filled with venomous bile,It pumps out anger and debate,As it beats with a mechanical style.The ventricles are rigid and tough,Like a fortress that…

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Lost in the Dark

Lost in the dark, I wander alone,With no guide to lead me home,My heart beats fast, my mind’s a mess,I fear the worst, I must confess. The shadows dance and play their game,As I struggle to find my way again,My eyes strain hard to see some light,But all around is endless night.

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Piercing Eyes

I feel your eyes piercing me, with such intensity,A connection so strong, it’s hard to break free.Your gaze holds a power, I cannot ignore,It leaves me vulnerable, exposed to the core. I sense your awareness, of my every move,It’s as if you know me, more than I do.Your gaze speaks a language, words cannot convey,It’s…

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Passionate Surrender

Her red velvet lingerie so luxurious,As she pushed me down with a look so serious,Her cleavage felt soft on my lips,I was the willing submissive to her dominatrix trips.Her gaze was heaven, as I was stuck in her trance,She slowly sat on my lap with a sensual glance,Her legs wrapped around my hips tight,I couldn’t…

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The Surgeon’s Oath

With scalpel sharp and steady hand,The surgeon makes the first incision grand.With cautery, they stop the bleed,And with sutures, they close the feed.They check for signs of infection,And monitor for any rejection.They prescribe analgesics for pain,And watch for symptoms that may remain.The surgeon’s oath to do no harm,Is taken seriously with every charm.For in their…

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Moon Shadows

The moon, a glowing orb in the sky,Casts shadows upon the earth below.A world of darkness, yet not quite,For the moon’s light still shines bright.The shadows dance and sway,As the moon rises higher each day.A world of mystery and intrigue,As the shadows shift and fatigue.The moon’s shadow is a thing of beauty,A sight to behold…

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The Only Path Forward

To move on from her is the only path forward I can take,But my heart is shattered, it’s a choice it cannot make.I try to forget her, to push her out of my mind,But memories of her linger, they’re difficult to unwind. The pain of heartbreak is a burden hard to bear,I wish I could…

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The Mean Moon

The moon shines bright up in the sky,But sometimes it can be quite sly.It hides behind a cloud so mean,Leaving us in darkness, unseen. Its light can change from big to small,Leaving us with no light at all.It teases us with its crescent shape,And disappears without escape. The mean moon plays tricks on us all,Leaving…

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The Burning Sensation

I feel a flash heat my throatAs if I’ve swallowed a fiery moteIt spreads quickly through my chestThis burning feeling is not a jest My tongue feels dry, my lips parchedThe sensation leaves me quite archedI try to drink, but it does no goodThe heat persists, as if it should This feeling is quite hard…

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A Love Like No Other

A special kind of love is rare to find,A unique connection, one of a kind.It’s a love that’s cherished, never forgotten,A bond so strong, it cannot be broken. This love is pure, it comes from the heart,It lasts forever, never falls apart.It’s a love that’s meant to be, a destiny to fulfill,A feeling so strong,…

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Sunday Sanctuary

Amidst the chaos of life’s fast pace,Sunday offers a moment to embrace,A sanctuary of peace and calm,To let go of worries and find a balm,In the stillness of a lazy day,Sunday sanctuary, my soul does sway.© VishalDutia

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Heart Speaks to Mind

Heart and mind, two different parts,One feels emotions, the other imparts.Heart speaks of love, joy, and pain,Mind tries to rationalize and explain. Sometimes they clash, causing a strife,But mostly they work together in life.Dil ki baat dimag se kar lete hai,Heart speaks first, mind takes it all in stride.

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The Only Ones

Na bhoot na bhagwan, only humans reign,On this earth, they hold the main domain.From every corner, they come in different hues,But their hearts beat the same, with love and blues. They build and destroy, create and innovate,Their emotions range from love to hate.The world is theirs to keep or lose,For only humans have the power…

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The Witching Hour

It’s 3 AM, and all is stillThe world outside is dark and chillThe moon is high, the stars are brightAnd I’m alone with thoughts tonightThe clock ticks on, the minutes passAs shadows dance upon the grassThe night is long, the hours creepAnd I am lost in dreamless sleepBut as the dawn begins to breakI’ll rise…

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Nothing Left to Cost

I’ve spent my life in search of gold,But now I find I’ve nothing left to hold.My heart is empty, my soul is dry,I’ve nothing left to buy or why. I’ve traveled far and wide,But all I’ve found is greed and pride.I’ve seen the world, but all I’ve seenIs people who are just as mean. I’ve…

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A Liver Full of Liquor

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My tears were broken now

My tears were broken now, I could not hold them back, They flowed like rivers down, And drenched my weary track. I cried for all my woes, I cried for all my pain, I cried for all my fears, And for the love that’s vain.

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Lonely Nights

The moon is full and bright tonight,But I feel so very, very alone.The stars are out in all their might,But I can’t help but feel so very proneTo sadness and to tears. I wish I had someone to hold me tight,To tell me that everything is going to be alright.I wish I had someone to…

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