My tears were broken now

My tears were broken now, I could not hold them back, They flowed like rivers down, And drenched my weary track. I cried for all my woes, I cried for all my pain, I cried for all my fears, And for the love that’s vain.

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Lonely Nights

The moon is full and bright tonight,But I feel so very, very alone.The stars are out in all their might,But I can’t help but feel so very proneTo sadness and to tears. I wish I had someone to hold me tight,To tell me that everything is going to be alright.I wish I had someone to…

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The Mind’s Eye

In the depths of our psyche, lies a mystery untold,Where psychology meets philosophy, and the mind’s stories unfold,The ego, the id, the superego, all dance in a trance,As we ponder on life’s meaning, and take a deeper glance. From Plato to Socrates, from Freud to Jung,Theories abound, as we try to unravel our own being,Nature…

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Psychology + Philosophy

Psychology reveals everything we hide,Bringing to light what we keep inside. Philosophy heals everything we feel,Guiding us towards growth that’s real.

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My Life Isn’t Hell

I wake up each day with a smile,I know that my life isn’t a trial.I have friends and family who care,And I’m grateful for what I share. I may not have everything I want,But I have enough to make me content.I’m healthy and strong, and I’m alive,And that’s all that matters to me, alive. So…

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The Chatoyant Gem

Chatoyant, the gem so rare,With bands of light that seem to flare,A tiger’s eye, a cat’s allure,It mesmerizes, to be sure. Its colors dance, its patterns flow,A stunning sight for all to know,A gemstone of unique appeal,Its beauty true, its worth ideal. Chatoyant, a wonder to behold,A gem that never will grow old.

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The Faceless Fear

The darkness creeps, the shadows loom,A fear so deep, like impending doom.No face to see, no eyes to meet,Just icy grip and pounding beat. Paralyzed with dread, can’t move a limb,Heart pounds so hard, it’s deafening.The faceless fear, the unknown fright,Grips you tight, all through the night.

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The Mind and the Soul

The mind is a complex thing,With thoughts and feelings that can swing,From high to low, from dark to light,It’s a mystery to all but night. The soul is a different matter,It’s something that we can’t chatter,It’s the essence of who we are,It’s the reason we can feel and scar. So when the mind and soul…

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It can come from anywhere,A spark, a thought, a stare.A song, a book, a tree,A flower, or even me. It can be found in the mundane,The ordinary, the plain.It can be found in the simple,The small, the untamed. So don’t be afraid to look,To search, to explore.Inspiration is all around,You just have to open the…

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The Price of Extravagance

Extravagance, oh how it glowsA life of luxury, nobody knowsThe finest things, at any costA life of excess, never lost Diamonds and gold, a lavish displayA life of indulgence, day by dayBut the price we pay, is often highFor extravagance can make us die Greed and lust, at the heart of it allAs we watch…

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The Fart That Could Not Be Beat

There once was a fart that could not be beat,It was loud and it stank, it was quite a feat.It made people laugh,It made people cough,It even made some people throw up their coffee. The fart was so strong,It could knock you down,It could make you cry,It could make you frown. But no matter what…

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Chocolate is a must

Chocolate is a must,It’s a treat for every one,From the young to the old,It’s a sweet that never grows cold. It comes in many forms,From bars to cakes to pies,It can be eaten plain,Or with a scoop of vanilla ice. So next time you’re feeling down,Or you just need a pick-me-up,Reach for a piece of…

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A Deeper Pain Penalized

The pain of loss is deep,But there is a deeper pain,A pain that comes from knowing,That you could have prevented it. The pain of regret is like a cancer,It eats away at your soul,And it never goes away,No matter how hard you try to forget. So if you are ever faced with a choice,Choose the…

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Pulchritudinous, a word so rare,Yet one that describes you so well.Your beauty is beyond compare,And your grace is like a spell. Your eyes are like the stars at night,Your smile is like the sun’s warm light.Your skin is like the finest silk,And your hair is like a flowing stream. You are a work of art,A…

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World is like an open book

The world is like an open book,With pages waiting to be explored.Each chapter tells a different tale,Of triumphs, tragedies, and more.From the mountains high to the oceans deep,From the cities bustling with life,To the quiet countryside where nature sleeps,There’s a story waiting to come alive.The characters we meet along the way,Are as diverse as the…

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Tangled Tresses

Tresses torn, tugged, twisted, Trichotillomania takes toll,Twirling, trembling, troubling, tresses tangled in toil,Tempting, teasing, tormenting, tresses turning to straw,Trapped in turmoil, tears trickle, tresses thinning in flaw. Tender touch, therapy tried, toilsome thoughts to tame,Time ticks, treatment toughens, tresses take time to reclaim,Talking truth, taking trust, triumphs over taboo,Trichotillomania tackled, tresses transformed anew.

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The Joy of Felicity

Felicity, oh felicity,A state of bliss and harmony.A feeling of pure delight,That fills your heart both day and night. It’s found in love and laughter too,In moments shared with friends so true.In nature’s beauty, pure and bright,And in the stars that shine at night. Felicity is a wondrous thing,That makes your heart want to sing.So…

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Ephemeral Beauty

A flower blooms in the morning sun,Its petals soft and pure and white.But by the evening, it is gone,Its beauty lost to sight. A bird sings in the summer air,Its song a sweet and joyful sound.But by winter, it is silent,Its song no longer found. A moment of love, a touch of hand,A kiss that…

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Eternity, a concept so grandStretching beyond what we understandA timeless expanse, forever unplannedEndless as the sea and the sand A never-ending journey, an eternal flightA constant presence, a guiding lightA promise of hope, a future so brightAn unbreakable bond, a love that’s right Forevermore, a word so trueA destiny waiting for me and you

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The Cozy Bungalow

A bungalow so cozy and small,With a porch and a garden, oh so tall,A place to relax and unwind,And leave all your troubles behind. Inside, a fireplace crackles and glows,As the wind outside blusters and blows,The scent of fresh baked cookies in the air,Makes you forget all your despair. A bungalow, a haven for peace,Where…

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