28 Lines of Regret

28 Lines of Regret

I recall memories of a time so vague, When life was promising, love was in its first stage. Now I sit alone, with nothing left to give, But regrets that haunt me, for as long as I live.

I regret words unspoken, and chances not taken, For now my heart aches, and my soul is forsaken. I regret the friendships that slowly faded, And the memories I lost, the moments now jaded.

Regrets for paths not pursued, dreams left behind, For the sake of practicality, for the sake of my mind. I regret the tears that I held back, For the love that was lost, the love that I lack.

Regret for the times I failed to be kind, For the moments of anger that clouded my mind. I regret the opportunities that I have missed, For the chance to be happy, the chance that I wished.

I regret the moments that I let go to waste, For the memories that are now only a trace. For the times when I chose to walk away, Leaving love behind, with nothing to say.

Regrets for the bridges that I’ve burned, For the lessons that were never learned. For the times that I chose to be silent, For the love that I lost, for its beauty so vibrant.

Regrets for the secrets that I kept, For the chances that I never leapt. For the love that I let go to waste, For the future that is now misplaced.

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