A Night with You

The night is young, the mood is right
As I gaze upon you, my heart takes flight
Panties and bra, gently lying in a drawer
I can’t resist, I want you more

You dress simply, to intensify your beauty
My heart races, my senses in full duty
We sit together, candles flickering low
Romantic music, setting the tone just so

I tenderly undress you, removing your thong
You sensually remove my clothes, nothing wrong
With our bodies bared, we lie close
Skin to skin, our love exposed

Our lips meet, searing sensuality in full bloom
We become erotically obsessed, lost in the room
Joining our souls and bodies, we breathe harder
Our passion ignites, our love centered ardor

Kissing you again is like a warm gentle breeze
Our carnal places caressed, to please
We pleasure each other with lips, tongues, and teeth
Love 69 brings erotic licking and slurping beneath

Our bodies entwine, our love deepens
As we ride, we smile with arousal and load moans
Erotic fucking with explosions to come
Our love-making is perfect, our hearts now one

The night with you is pure bliss
Our love, our passion, our hearts we can’t dismiss
We’ll fuck again for romance, erotic perfection, fast and slow
Our love will continue to grow and glow.

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