As kids we looked up.. #Poetry

As kids we looked up
lifted our chins
cricked our necks
dreamed of flying

from bedroom window
to Hobrow hill
with its antenna of leggy pines
atop its grassy bulge.

Time slips across my thoughts
like something in a rush
a sudden snow storm 
I turned my back on.

In this field 
we flew kites.
This gate sang
with a five barred shove

from the oldest boy
boy who led the way
through fox tunnel
to black burnt stubble

of unshaved ground
a working mans cheek
and all afternoon
you were asleep

saving up for a shift
while we left our shadows
among the creaky pines
and swaying fescue stems.

I picture us walking
our shadows merging then parting
until the light darkens
and we’ve walked too far.

But the past is a crowded place
where memories congregate
searching for their shadows
as if finding them 
would bring you back to life.

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