”Awesome Autumn Moon” #Poetry

Indian brides ‘procession

    in group marriages

    arrayed in orange-red

    pure silk and shiny

    satin wedding gowns~~~~

    waiting to ride upon

    their golden chariots,

    wearing enormous

    floral garlands of

    White scented jasmine

    and red and orange roses~~~

    Their departure from their

    parental homes under

    the moonlit night sky

    studded with constellations

    of innumerable stars

    twinkling and sparkling

    to bless the wedded couples

    towards their new destinations~

    The new Eden at their

    husband’s home,

    that is supposed to be

    their final zone~~

    whether it’s paradise

    or a burning hell~~~

    depends upon her tolerance

    and her written fate~~

    The cerulean sky is greeting

    them, wishing them well

    with best wishes of a happy

    and successful life~~~

    bidding them farewell to a

    new doll’s house—-

    Autumn moon is staring at them

    wondering what shall their

    future be~~~~~

    Trees are festooned with

    yellow and orange blossoms–

    the autumnal trees

    in tangerine hues, the azure

    firmament looking like

    sapphire ocean, 

    the gypsum moon glittering

    with indigo tinge,

    the sky has sprinkled it’s

    blue colour upon the hills~~~

    the autumnal grass is

    adorned in chartreuse hue

    this panoramic paradise

    is a rarest view,

    the pale grass tinted with

    Vermillion shades~~~~~~

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