Behind the Closed Door

There was a brighter glow in the sky,
But behind the closed door, tears did lie.

Looking in the mirror, the truth was bare,
A soul departed, leaving nothing to share.

The blue rays turned, casting a somber hue,
As the gossip mill spun, tales untold anew.

The sad news reached, a bitter blow,
The soul was missing, nowhere to go.

But now it’s free, from shackles unbound,
The body burned, its ashes on the ground.

Slowly blending into the earth’s embrace,
To become part of the dust, in time and space.

Yet, my love for you will forever shine,
An eternal flame, a love divine.

For we are all stardust, you and I,
Connected to the universe, beneath the sky.

Behind the closed door, where secrets reside,
A love transcends, a bond untied.

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