Behind the Facade

In the virtual realm, where masks conceal,
Waves of truth and lies intermingle,
A labyrinthine maze, where thoughts reveal,
The depths of our souls, where secrets mingle.

Amidst the cacophony of friends galore,
I feel the abyss of loneliness,
My mind a canvas, painted with night’s lore,
Moonlight’s gentle glow, a fleeting caress.

Truth and illusion, a tangled skein,
Doubts assail, as I question all.
Will the masks be shed, and truth regain,
Its rightful place, where hearts enthrall?

Beneath the facade, our truths reside,
Concealed from view, yet yearns to be known.
Will we dare to bare, what lies inside,
And embrace our truths, though they’re sown?

I have removed the mask, my soul laid bare,
Lies unveiled, the truth now stands clear.
Will you too unveil, your secrets share,
And together forge, a bond sincere?

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  1. Anonymous Me Avatar
    Anonymous Me

    Wonderful writing 👏👏

  2. shan bae Avatar
    shan bae

    cacophony is an interesting word choice. i love how it describes something we all know in such a unique way.

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