Bitter-Sweet: A Paradox of Life

Life can be a paradoxical experience. We have moments of sheer joy and happiness, and yet, at other times, we find ourselves wading through a mire of negativity and uncertainty. It is in these moments that we realize that life is, indeed, bittersweet.

Life is an endless ocean
Of ups and downs, and emotions
A roller coaster ride of joy and sorrow
We survive today, but fear tomorrow

The paradox unfolds, as we take each step
Moments of laughter, moments of wept
We seek for sunshine, amidst the rain
Finding hope, amidst the pain

Life is a mixture, of bitter-sweet
A collision of emotions, we cannot defeat
For in these moments, we find our strength
Gaining perspective, till we find our length

So let us embrace, life’s contradictions
For we know, that it is in the afflictions
We learn to grow, and become strong
For life is a journey, and not just a song.

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