Bitter-Sweet: The Essence of Life

Bitter-sweet, the essence of life,
A blending of joy and sorrow,
The perfect mixture of light and strife,
That leads us to a better tomorrow.

Life’s journey is not always easy,
Often filled with pain and trouble,
But amidst the trials so dizzy,
There’s a sweetness that overflows double.

We laugh, we love, we learn, we grow,
We cry, we lose, we stumble, we fall,
But through it all, we come to know,
That each moment is precious and all.

For bitter-sweet, the essence of life,
Is what gives it meaning and depth,
It’s what makes it worth all the strife,
And gives us beauty to behold and cherish.

So let us treasure each fleeting day,
Embrace the bitter and the sweet,
For life is a precious gift on its way,
To a brighter glory hidden deep.

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