Bloodlust Eyes Of Your Soul

A deep thirst drives my every beat,
Hungering for the taste of sweet heat.
I lurk amongst the silent night,
Watching closely, calculating my plight.

Within those depthless eyes a flame doth roar,
Consuming everything in its war.
Nothing left but carnage as the debris falls,
No feelings, no remorse, nothing more.

Yet ‘neath the surface lies a saddened sigh,
Longing for release from suffering e’en high.
It’s a burden cast aside yet ever present,
Haunting every step until eternal sentencing.

Behold thy gaze and tremble at thy call,
For thy power knows no bounds beyond the fall.

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  1. 100 Country Trek Avatar
    100 Country Trek

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I love this. Anita

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