Breaking Free

He dances, enraptured by dawn’s gentle light,
Though chains and weights taunt his weary feet.
Yet still, he defies their pull with all his might,
Feeling the rhythm beat within his heart’s beat.

With arms outstretched, he dares to touch the sky,
Twisting and turning, skill and flair entwined.
No care for limitations, the world flying by,
Breathing freedom with every inhale, sublime.

Knowing strength resides within his inner core,
His will to soar surpasses earthly bounds.
Compromise holds no sway, forevermore,
Breaking the ties that once held him tightly bound.

Dancing gracefully, bathed in dawn’s golden glow,
Chains and weights linger, mere reminders of past.
No shackles constrict, freedom begins to flow,
His spirit lifted, joyful and everlast.

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