Can love or luck go hand in hand

Can love or luck go hand in hand,
Is it fate or a mere demand?
A question that we all have asked,
In moments when our hearts unmask.

Some say it’s luck that brings us love,
Like a gift from the heavens above.
A chance encounter, a twist of fate,
That leads to a lifelong mate.

Others believe it’s love that guides,
Our paths and helps us to decide.
That when we love with all our might,
The universe aligns just right.

Perhaps it’s both, intertwined,
A cosmic dance, divinely designed.
Where luck and love both play a part,
In the beating of two hearts.

So let us cherish every chance,
To find love’s sweet and tender dance.
And trust that luck will lend a hand,
As we journey through life’s shifting sands.

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