Cat #Poetry

I am a ragdoll cat.
Docile and placid, I bend
to your touch, my silky fur invites
your inquisitive fingers.
Easy come, easy go.
My claws are only for show.
Bred for affection, Im
the perfect pet. Ill follow you
wherever you go.
But the thing about ragdoll cats is
when danger is near, we do not know.
We see predators the same as friends
because its in our nature
to go with the flow.
Too many times, Ive been ripped to shreds,
been tossed around and thrown
to the wolves.
When I land on my feet and lick my wounds,
I go right back to being a ragdoll.


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  1. littlemissjourney Avatar

    Beautiful poem!

  2. tammy7711 Avatar

    Love it and cute cat! 😸

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