Counting stars

I lie on my back and gaze up at the sky,
Counting the stars until I lose track.
They twinkle and dance, a myriad of lights,
Too many to count, yet each one unique.

I wonder what stories they could tell,
If only I could understand their language.
Perhaps they hold the secrets of the universe,
Or maybe they’re just beautiful lights in the night.

I don’t know the answers, but I like to think
That each star is a doorway to another world.
A world where anything is possible,
A world where dreams come true.

So I keep counting the stars,
One by one, until I fall asleep.
And in my dreams, I travel to faraway places,
And meet all sorts of amazing creatures.

I know that it’s just a dream,
But it’s a wonderful dream,
And it makes me happy to think
That there are so many possibilities out there.

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