Cream Filled Donuts

All ye donut lovers,
Prepare to rejoice,
For our cream filled donuts
Are a culinary masterpiece.

Freshly glazed
Before your very eyes,
Our donuts are soft and sweet
And filled with delectable cream with surprise.

Chocolate or vanilla,
The choice is yours,
But please don’t forget
To pay your dues.

We start with a humble hole,
But then we fill it to the brim,
So that the cream drips down your chin,
A culinary symphony, a hedonistic whim.

But our delights don’t end there,
We offer coffee and finger dough,
Each bite a delectable morsel,
A creaming service that can’t be outdone.

So come on down,
And indulge your sweet tooth,
For our cream filled donuts
Are a gustatory truth.

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