Cuddled in Sadness She Smiles

Cuddled in Sadness She Smiles

Cuddled in sadness she smiles,
Hiding her pain with practiced style.
Her heart may be broken, but her spirit’s strong,
And she won’t let her sorrow last for long.

The tears may fall, but she wipes them away,
Putting on a brave face to face the day.
She knows that sadness is part of life,
But she won’t let it cause her strife.

For every trial, there’s a lesson learned,
And every heartbreak, a bridge to be burned.
She’ll rise above the pain and strife,
And find the strength to live her life.

So, cuddled in sadness she smiles,
Knowing that life’s challenges are trials.
And though her heart may ache for a while,
She’ll find the courage to once again smile.

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