Damn This World #Poetry

It’s strange how your heart can break,
not long after it had flown amnong the clouds.
The way a slight change in behavior,
tears at the very fibers of one’s soul.
How you can feel so close one moment,
then a distance so great..
thousands of miles pale in comparison.
It’s funny how we ache for touch,
yet it is the emotional connection that binds us.
How your mind can feel swallowed whole
by the emptiness of the deepest, darkest abyss,
despite hours prior it was bathed in
the warm tenderness of their love.
Damn this world, for making me feel so much…
For wanting things I have no business wanting..
For craving things I should know better not to desire.

©® VishalDutia 2022

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© VishalDutia

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