Devilish Eyes

Oh, those eyes of hers, like the devil’s own,
They pierce right through me, and I’m undone.
I can’t look away, no matter how I try,
They’re like magnets, drawing me in, I sigh.

They’re kohl-rimmed and dark, like the night sky,
And they sparkle like stars, when she smiles at me.
Her lashes are long and thick, like raven wings,
And they frame her face like a work of art, I sing.

Her eyes are like the deepest ocean,
So vast and mysterious, I can’t fathom.
I want to swim in them, and never come up,
But I know that would be my undoing.

So I’ll just have to sit here, and stare at her,
And dream of the day when she might be mine.
But until then, I’ll just have to content myself,
With these devilish eyes, that haunt my mind.

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