Dream’s Discovery

In a dream, I find myself,
Exploring my subconscious, and discovering my true wealth,
A journey of self-discovery, a revelation of stealth,
A moment of clarity, a moment of personal health.

The dream leads me to places, both dark and light,
Revealing aspects of myself, that I had never sight,
A journey of introspection, and a personal fight,
To understand myself, and find my true might.

In the dream, I confront my fears, and face my doubts,
And discover my strengths, and what I’m truly about,
A journey of self-awareness, and a personal shout,
To the world, that I’m here, and I won’t sell out.

The dream ends, but the revelation remains,
And I wake up, feeling renewed, and with no stains,
A journey of self-discovery, and personal gains,
In a dream, I found myself, and broke my chains.

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