Enchanted Night

Amidst the mystic allure of spirited darkness,
A world of magic and wonder awaits, boundless.
The stars above twinkle like diamonds in the sky,
Guiding us on a journey, as the night passes by.

The moon casts a spell, filling the air with its glow,
Creating a dreamy landscape, a surreal tableau.
The rustling of leaves, the whisper of the wind,
All add to the charm, a sense of mystery within.

The night is alive, with an energy all its own,
A place where secrets are kept, and stories are sown.
It invokes a sense of wonder, a feeling of awe,
A world where anything is possible, beyond what we saw.

Amidst the mystic allure of spirited darkness,
We find a world of enchantment, a place where dreams harness.
The night is a canvas, waiting to be painted,
With the colors of our imagination, a world uncharted.

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    100 Country Trek

    Thanks for sharing this enchanted Night. ✨️ Anita

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