Ethics and Morality

We talk of ethics and morality,
But what do we mean, really?
Is it what we say we believe,
Or what we do when no one’s looking?

We say we should be kind and compassionate,
But we turn a blind eye to suffering.
We say we should be honest and fair,
But we cheat and lie to get ahead.

We say we should respect others,
But we judge and condemn them.
We say we should protect the environment,
But we pollute and destroy it.

So what is ethics and morality?
A set of rules we pretend to follow?
Or a way of life we should strive for,
Even when it’s difficult?

I don’t know the answer,
But I think it’s worth asking.
Because if we don’t live by our ethics and morality,
What’s the point of having them at all?

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