Eyes Following You

Eyes following you,
Wherever you may go,
A silent gaze that watches,
A secret you don’t know.

Eyes following you,
Through bustling streets and crowded halls,
A mystery unfolding,
A story yet to call.

Whose eyes are those, you wonder,
That follow you unseen?
Do they hold love or longing,
Or something dark and keen?

Perhaps they’re eyes of guardian angels,
Sent to guide and keep.
Or maybe they’re the eyes of shadows,
Watching from the deep.

But whether friend or foe,
Those eyes are fixed on you.
So heed their silent message,
And let your spirit brew.

For in the gaze of others,
We find our own reflection.
And in the depths of their eyes,
Lies the key to our direction.

So let the eyes that follow you,
Be a mirror to your soul.
And in their gaze, discover,
The truth that makes you whole.

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