Farting dil se

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old,
Or how much money you have in gold,
Everybody farts, it doesn’t discriminate,
It’s just our body’s natural fate.

It could happen in class or at work,
And make everyone around you go berserk,
But there’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed,
Farting is something that cannot be tamed.

So embrace the smell and the sound,
As your flatulence goes around and around,
Just remember to give it some space,
So that others don’t have to suffer in this space.

The sweet sound of passing gas,
We all do it, it comes to pass.
From the silent but deadly, to the loud and proud,
Farting is just a natural crowd.

Farting may not be a topic of conversation,
But it’s just a part of our bodily creation,
So let’s break the taboos and the shame,
And let farting be just another human game.

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