Fatal Attraction

When seduction turns into brutal crime,
Love becomes a nightmare, time stands still.
Passion consumed by rage,
A fatal attraction, a killer’s thrill.

The object of desire, now turned to prey,
Their innocence lost, their life on display.
The hunter’s gaze, cold and unyielding,
A darkness within, forever concealing.

The fatal attraction, a twisted bond,
A love that knows no bounds, beyond.
The victim’s plea, unanswered and unheard,
Their fate sealed, their final word.

In this twisted tale of love and hate,
Passion consumes, leaving nothing but waste.
A fatal attraction, a love so deep,
It drives one mad, asleep or awake.

Beware the one whose love burns bright,
For in their eyes, there may lurk a night.
A fatal attraction, a love so blind,
It leaves a trail of sorrow and pain behind.

If you find yourself caught in this snare,
Flee before it’s too late, take care.
For the fatal attraction, once it takes hold,
Will consume your soul, leaving you cold.

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