Feasting The Ethereal

In my search for satisfaction
I became a rabid hog;
Gobbling down in excess every
Pill that pierced the fog.

Laying starving in their absence
I then came to find the clouds;
More magnificent than all the smoke
I swallowed in that shroud.

In this newfound clarity
I then came to lay with with you;
The wind that whipped a rainbow
From my pain and hungry blues.
So full from you was I
I never needed
Sleep or sun
So full from you was I
I never needed
To eat or run
It’s not your fault
That I’m still
That I still
Ate you like a
So thrill me
Let me

You’ll still be
With me
In the clouds.

©2018. VishalDutia. All Rights Reserved.
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© VishalDutia

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