Finding Myself

Lost in the labyrinth of life,
Lamenting my lost self in strife,
Looking for a light to lead me through,
Longing for a path that feels true.

Soul-searching in solitude,
Seeking answers with fortitude,
Shedding layers of pretense and guise,
Shimmering bits of my true self arise.

Shining through the cracks and seams,
Showing me what my heart truly deems,
Slowly but surely finding my way,
Savoring every moment of each new day.

Self-discovery is an ongoing quest,
Sometimes arduous but worth the test,
Strengthening my identity and core,
Setting me free to explore more.

Introspection is my trusted guide,
Inviting me to look deep inside,
Inquiring about what makes me whole,
Inspiring me to reach my goal.

Journeying on this winding road,
Juggling doubts and fears that have slowed,
Joining hands with my newfound self,
Just being present and true to myself.

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