Flip flops

Walking down the sandy shore, With every step, my spirits soar. The ocean’s breeze, the salty air, And on my feet, my flip flops there.

With each flip, and each flop, I feel alive, I feel on top. They grip the sand, they shield my toes, And every step brings me new lows.

Comfortable and easy, they fit like a glove, I can walk for miles, through the waves I’ll shove. The sun on my skin, the sand on my feet, My flip flops take me to a place so sweet.

From beach to pool, they’re my go-to, My flip flops are like trusty glue They stay with me, through thick and thin, And keep me moving towards a win.

Flip flops, they’re laid-back and fun, The perfect shoe for anyone. So slip them on, and take a chance, Let them take you to sunshine romance.

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