For my first true love. #Poetry


The most amazing girl I had ever met;

yet I was too stupid to see.

I regret what I did;

I’m sorry for the way I used to be.

It’s not who I am anymore;

That monster wasn’t really me.

How was I able to treat you like this…

While I felt so good during our first kiss..

I broke your heart…

Even though you loved me from the start…

Now I’m laying here crying my heart out;

Thinking, will you ever forget?

Will you forever feel pain and regret?

I don’t want to lose you;

Let me make up for all the shit.

I truly never wanted to hurt you like this,

Yet I did an even now I still unwillingly do.

You’re as beautiful as cherry blossom drifting trough the air.

I love your deep eyes, your soft lips,

your perfect body and your dark hair.

When I’m with you all I can do is stare.

Stare at your mesmerizing beauty.

I know you will never believe me, but it’s true…

You’re amazing and I love you.

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