Fuel to my pen

Everything around me sparks a flame,
Inspiring words and thoughts to claim,
The world is alive, a constant refrain,
Fuel to my pen, a poetic campaign.

The rustling leaves whisper secrets untold,
The chirping birds a story unfold,
The babbling brook a tale to behold,
Fuel to my pen, a story to be told.

The crashing waves, a symphony of sound,
The buzzing bees, a rhythm profound,
The rustling wind, a melody unbound,
Fuel to my pen, a musical rebound.

The twinkling stars, a canvas so vast,
The dancing fireflies, a magic so fast,
The glowing moon, a spell so cast,
Fuel to my pen, a universe amassed.

Everything around me, a treasure trove,
A never-ending source of love,
Fuel to my pen, a gift from above,
A passion so pure, a call to dove.

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