Graze Within Me

Graze within me, gentle breeze,
Whisper secrets to the trees.
Let your touch awaken my soul,
And make my spirit whole.

Graze within me, radiant sun,
Fill my heart with pure delight.
May your warmth embrace my skin,
And guide me from within.

Graze within me, flowing stream,
Quench my thirst and soothe my soul.
Let your wisdom guide my way,
And make me strong and whole.

Graze within me, mother earth,
Ground me to your sacred core.
May your essence fill my veins,
And forevermore endure.

Graze within me, all that is,
Wild and free, and pure, and true.
May your symphony of life,
Within my heart renew.

Graze within me, gentle breeze,
Radiant sun, and flowing stream.
Mother earth, and all that is,
In me your light forever gleams.

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