Heart’s Refuge

My yearning soul craves the tactile embrace,
of fingers intertwined, a tender entwine,
the memories of which ignite a burning blaze,
inside my chest, a fiery, fervent shrine.

Each pulse, a cry, a summons to reunite,
with you, my love, my heart’s sole delight,
the scent of whom permeates my every sight,
a fragrance that transcends the morning light.

Together, our lips, a perfect fusion,
two souls becoming one, an infinite fusion,
tongues dancing, a sensual, passionate communion,
in this embrace, our spirits find their conclusion.

Your touch, a balm, a solace to my heart,
feeding my soul, a nourishing work of art,
quenching my thirst, a drink from Love’s pure start,
leaving me lost, in your loving apart.

In your eyes, a refuge, a haven, a home,
where fears subside, and trust becomes a throne,
with you, my love, my heart finds its sanctum,
forever bound, a captive, in your love’s dominion.

You, my beloved, my heart’s ultimate quest,
the one who holds the key to my soul’s deepest nest,
in your embrace, my every desire finds its rest,
forevermore, my heart, a prisoner of your breast.

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