Her silent addiction

Her silent addiction, a sensual flame
That burns within her, with no shame
A secret passion, kept locked away
Until the night, when she’s free to play

Her body aches, with hunger deep
For the touch of another, to make her weep
With ecstasy, that only erotica can bring
A forbidden pleasure, her heart sings

She surrenders to the temptation’s call
Her secret desire, no longer small
Her hands explore her curves and bends
As her mind races, and her heart ascends

The flicker of candlelight, casts a glow
Upon her skin, as her passion flows
Her silent addiction, no longer hidden
As she gives in, to the pleasure forbidden

Her fingers dance, upon her skin
As she imagines the touch of him
Her breath quickens, her heart beats fast
As the flames of desire, continue to last

Her silent addiction, no longer alone
As her body writhes, with a moan
Of pleasure, that only erotica can give
A secret passion, that makes her live.

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