Holographic memories of you and I

Holographic memories of you and I,
A kaleidoscope of kisses and cries,
Captured in a cosmic canvas that can’t die,
A cornucopia of colors that coalesce and collide.

The holograms hold a hundred histories,
Heritage of happiness and heartache,
A harmony of hope and hurt, a haven of mysteries,
Held in a holographic haze that’s hard to shake.

The holographic hues hint at a hidden horizon,
A homecoming that’s both heavenly and harsh,
A haven of hearts held in a haunted haven,
A holographic harmony that’s both hazy and harsh.

I see you in the holograms, and I hear your heart,
Hinting at a happiness that’s been hitherto unheard,
A hope that holds us together even when we’re apart,
A holographic memory that’s a haven for the heart.

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