How to Compare Love

How to Compare Love

Love is an experience that can be difficult to put into words. It’s a subjective feeling that is different for everyone. Love has been a common topic throughout history, and poets have tried to capture its essence in their work. In this poem, I attempt to compare love to the things around us that we can see and touch.

Love can be compared to a flower,
That blooms and dances in the sun,
It’s fragile yet resilient,
And when nurtured, it blossoms and is fun.

Love can also be compared to a flame,
That burns and lights up every space,
It can warm and comfort us,
And help us find our place.

Love is like a winged bird,
That soars and flies without restraint,
It freely comes and goes,
And leaves its mark without complaint.

Love may take on many forms,
Like a painting with countless hues,
It can be intense or subtle,
But it always shines through.

So, how does one compare love?
It’s like trying to catch a shooting star,
Love is a unique experience,
That is beautiful just as you are.

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