How to Test Love?

How to Test Love?

How to Test Love?

Testing love, an age-old question,
Loved and pondered by generations.
Is it in words or silent actions,
That we truly gauge love’s passions?

Is it in the grand gestures, the deeds so sublime,
Or in the little things done time after time?
Perhaps it’s in the way they look at you,
With eyes so tender, full of love so true.

Testing love, it’s a tricky affair,
With no surefire way to make it clear.
Yet if it’s genuine, it’ll shine through,
In the way they understand and love you.

It’s in the way they listen and hear,
And wipe away each and every tear.
It’s in the support they offer each day,
And in the way they never stray away.

So test love not by superficial means,
But look deep within, where true love gleams.
For if they love you with all their heart,
It’ll be soul-deep, from the very start.

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