Howling at the moon

As the moon rises high in the sky, my desire for you ignites like a wildfire. The wild beast inside of me longs to ravish you, to take you without mercy. Your body, my sexual playground, awaits me.

I want to claw away your clothes, leaving my ownership marks on your skin, reminding you of the pleasure we shared. I want to use all the toys on you tonight, flog you, use hot wax and ice, and tighten the nipple clamps until you scream in ecstasy.

My sexual flames burn as I tie you up or pin you down, fulfilling all the nasty things I’ve desired for so long. Your body is mine to feast upon, to take in every hole until you beg for more.

Like a werewolf, I’ll howl wildly at the moon as my desires are unleashed. You hold the key to my release, and once unlocked, there will be no escape. Allow me to fulfill your every kinky desire, and we’ll howl at the moon together, lost in the ecstasy of our desires.

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