Humanity #Poetry

May we remember the fear of the storm
Coming together as neighbors once more
Not concerned with race, or creed
Only concerned with our neighbors needs

May we remember the blackness of night
No electric, food, or gas in sight
Checking on friends and strangers alike
Offering a meal, or comfort from fright

May we remember the concern that we feel
For all whom we love, as the winds did reel
For the chance to be helpful when things were done
For the breaking of a new day, and the rising sun

May we remember the struggle that came
After the winds and the pounding rain
When strangers came from near and far
To help us to clear the destruction and char

May we remember, when all is well
The night and the days of this hurricane hell
When we came together, as brothers should do
Took care of one another and saw this through. 

May we continue, when all is done
To spread our love, to everyone
Remember the times, hold them near
And continue to love, those you hold dear.

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