I Am Ravan

I am Ravan, the demon king,
A name that strikes fear in everything.
My ten heads bear the weight of my might,
My power and strength, a force to fight.

But there’s more to me than my fearsome guise,
A story of pain and sacrifice lies.
I am a scholar, a devotee of Shiva,
My knowledge and wisdom, unmatched diva.

Yet, I am judged for my sins alone,
My virtues and merits, often unknown.
I am Ravan, a villain in tales,
A misunderstood figure, whose story pales.

I yearn for redemption, to be understood,
To have my legacy be more than just good.
For in the end, we are all just men,
With faults and flaws, seeking redemption.

So judge me not by my monstrous name,
But by the good I have done, my virtues and fame.
For I am Ravan, with a story untold,
A complex figure, with a heart of gold.

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