I Eat Breakfast to Begin the Day. #Poetry

I create time

I cannot create time

Im frozen in place

I cannot be frozen

Im moving but dont notice

I notice me moving, I pay attention

To the small yet immense yet

Small movements that guide

My limbs, my hair growth, my joint oils

I dont think about it

I dont feel it either

I dont have emotions right now

I see films of divine quality

I dont see any films

This black

This not black

To me I am

I am not to me not

I walk with this hollowness

I walk with this blooming

Im moving outward forever

Onward eternally inward

I create all objects like shampoos

And cats, I create nothing

Like space and antimatter

I resign to the clocks that keep time

I surrender to the clocks that dont keep time

Im sure about it, the color white

Im not sure about it, what is word?

Oh, the loops and unloops

Destiny unfolds in my knees

I eat breakfast to begin the day


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