Ice Cream Cone

You tempt me with your icy treat,
A culinary masterpiece,
A frozen symphony so sweet,
A frozen symphony that won’t last.

You hold it with such tantalizing ease,
Your tongue caressing the frosty cone,
A slow and sensual tease,
A tease that leaves my heart aglow.

Your lips gently part,
Enclosing the creamy mound,
A seductive art,
A seductive art that makes me swoon.

The smile on your face,
The gleam in your eye,
A siren’s grace,
A siren’s grace that I can’t deny.

You convince me to indulge,
To succumb to my desire,
To take a bite of your frozen bulge,
To set my taste buds on fire.

I take a lick, and my senses ignite,
The cream so smooth and cold,
A delectable delight,
A delight that I can’t hold.

But alas, the cream begins to melt,
Drip by drip, it falls to the ground,
My bliss begins to pelt,
A lesson learned, profound.

So thank you for the object lesson,
For teaching me to savor the moment,
For showing me the beauty of a frozen cone,
Even though it’s fleeting and gone.

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