If wishes were horses

A person standing on a giant lily pad in the middle of a vast, endless sea, with a massive full moon hanging low in the sky.

If wishes were horses

If wishes were horses,
I’d ride across the land,
With dreams in my heart,
And love at my command.

I’d gallop through the meadows,
And swim in crystal streams,
I’d climb the highest mountains,
And catch the moonbeams.

With each hoofbeat, I’d feel alive,
And every breath would be free,
The wind in my hair,
And a song in my heart,
Riding towards my destiny.

But alas, my wishes are just that,
No horses to bear me on,
I must take each step on my own,
And make my dreams come true alone.

So I’ll gather my courage,
And set out on my path,
For even without my trusty steed,
I am capable of achieving great things at last.

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