I’M Fine #Poetry


I’m fine
  I’m fine
    My heart’s on fire
      But I’m fine
No weed
  No wine
    No need for that stuff
      Cause I’m fine

The words on the radio
Don’t touch me like they used to
Not a single song out there 
Sounds right or rings true

I’m chill
  I’m fine
    Growing colder
      On the vine
The leaves
  They turn in time
    And I’m turning too
      Cause I’m fine

I wish I could capture a sunbeam’s warmth
Before the autumn days
But just like the summer in your smile
This too will fade away

I’m fine
  Not sure what I’ll do but I’m fine
    This heart beats slower now
      But it’s fine, oh it’s fine
I’ll try
  To coastline
    Try to glow up
      Til I grow up
        And I show up
          Truly fine.

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