Impromptu poem

In the lacuna between silence’s hush
And the sighs that exhale my angst, my rush,
I lie awake, my mind a restless sea,
A tempest of thought, unbridled and free.

The abyss of silence, vast and deep,
Where echoes of dreams and memories sleep,
Is pierced by the sighs that rise from my chest,
A lament for the lost, a plea for the blessed.

In this liminal space, between two worlds,
Where the veil of reality softly unfurls,
I find myself suspended, adrift in time,
A witness to the sublime and the sublime.

O, space between silence and sighs,
You hold the secrets of the night skies,
The mysteries of the cosmos and the soul,
The tapestry of life, where all things unfold.

In your embrace, I find solace and dread,
A paradox of being, both alive and dead.
For in this liminal space, I am reborn,
A Phoenix rising from the ashes of dawn.

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