In A Milkshake Sky.. #Poetry

Underbelly blueberry pie in twists of rhubarb cloud 
Dark raspberry delights sautéed above honey go crowd
Greengage plum blossoms stirring to meet the dawn’s smiling face
Baked fruit salads curdling in a sky’s crimpled pastry space

Boiling egg yolks run sunny side up across a cold plate 
Mixed vegetables climb to greet the salad bowl rim debate
With sesame seed oil, the cloud’s drizzled eyes droop to sleep
While lattice slugs slither across red lettuce leaves too deep 

As winter’s wildest dreams thunder into spring laden squall
The temperature of our adjustments rise slowly to fall 
And the chill of clotted cream passes on well seasoned lips 
Where this evening’s sky fills us with smatterings of cream whips 

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© VishalDutia

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