Oh, inkwell, vessel of dreams,
Where thoughts take flight and stories gleam.
Your depths hold secrets untold,
Of worlds unseen and treasures bold.

Your inky depths, a swirling sea,
Where words are born and set free.
A dip of pen, a stroke of grace,
And thoughts take form on time’s embrace.

From poet’s quill to scribe’s refrain,
Your ink inspires and soothes the pain.
In letters penned with love and care,
Your essence lingers in the air.

Oh, inkwell, witness to our time,
Recorder of the human mind.
Your pages hold our hopes and fears,
Our joys and sorrows, through the years.

So let us raise a glass to you,
Oh, inkwell, steadfast and true.
May your ink forever flow,
And stories from your depths forever glow.

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