The night is long, the hours are slow,
I lie awake and cannot sleep.
My mind is racing, full of woe,
I can’t escape the thoughts that creep.

I think of all the things I’ve done,
The things I’ve said, the things I’ve left undone.
I think of all the things I fear,
The things that might be, the things that were.

I try to close my eyes and rest,
But sleep evades me like a ghost.
I toss and turn, I cannot rest,
I’m trapped in this endless host.

Of thoughts and worries, doubts and fears,
That keep me up until the break of day.
When finally the sun does rise,
I’m exhausted, but I can’t say

That I’m relieved, because I know
That tonight, the same will be my fate.
I’ll lie awake, and toss and turn,
And try to sleep, but all in vain.

Insomnia, my cruel friend,
Why do you haunt me night after night?
When will you let me sleep in peace?
When will I be free from your dark sight?

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